Champions League Group Stage Review

Hello guys! The Champions League group stage is now over, an only 16 teams remain in Europe’s prime competition. Five English clubs have made the cut, as well as three Spanish, two Italian, one Swiss, one French, one German, one Ukrainian, one Portuguese and one Turkish team. In this post I will have the group tables, the top scorers, reviews of the groups and the permutations for the draw for the Round of 16 while will take place on Monday morning. Enjoy!

Groups Tables and Reviews

Group A

  1. Manchester United-15
  2. Basel-12
  3. CSKA Moscow-9
  4. Benfica-0

As expected, Man United comfortably won this group, but second favourites Benfica flopped and got no points while finishing at the bottom of the group. Swiss team Basel go through to the next round while CSKA are into the Europa League.

Group B

  1. Paris Saint-Germain-15
  2. Bayern Munich-15
  3. Celtic-3
  4. Anderlecht-3

Despite losing to the Germans on the last Matchday at the Allianz Arena, PSG won the group ahead of Bayern Munich. Behind them, the unfancied Celtic and Anderlecht beat each other once, with the Scots going into the Europa League on goal difference in the end.

Group C

  1. Roma-11
  2. Chelsea-11
  3. Atletico Madrid-7
  4. Qarabag-2

Roma pulled off a massive shock to not only get through to the last 16, but also to beat Atletico and Chelsea to the top of the group. The Spanish giants had a shocker of a campaign, only racking up 7 points as they flopped into the Europa League. Chelsea did what was expected of them and finished second to reach the next round. Massive underdogs Qarabag did well to pick up two draws in such a difficult group.

Group D

  1. Barcelona-14
  2. Juventus-11
  3. Sporting Lisbon-7
  4. Olympiakos-1

A group that looked like a two horse race on paper turned out to be just that, as Barcelona and Juventus fought it out to win the group. It turned out that the first game was the most crucial one, as that was when Barcelona beat Juventus to gain the points that won them the group. Sporting Lisbon were comfortably in third to qualify for the Europa League.

Group E

  1. Liverpool-12
  2. Sevilla-9
  3. Spartak Moscow-6
  4. Maribor-3

Liverpool twice won 7-0 in a very comfortable group for them which they made a lot harder than they needed to. They still won the group though and were followed by Sevilla in the round of 16. Spartak Moscow have made it into the Europa League round of 32, while Maribor shocked everyone by gaining three points.

Group F

  1. Manchester City-15
  2. Shakhtar Donetsk-12
  3. Napoli-6
  4. Feyenoord-3

Man City stormed to victory in group F as they picked up 5 wins out of their first 5 games to guarantee first place in it. Shakhtar shocked everyone as they defeated competition dark horses Napoli who had been tipped to be the most dangerous attacking side in Europe this season. The Italians do make it into the Europa League, but that will definitely be under-achieving for them. Feyenoord were disappointing as they lost all five of their matches before they beat Napoli in their last match.

Group G

  1. Besiktas-14
  2. Porto-10
  3. RB Leipzig-7
  4. Monaco-2

Group G finished in the reverse order to what I had predicted would happen, as Besiktas went undefeated in a tough group for them. The Turks took the group victory to my surprise, and Porto followed them in second place. Last season’s semi finalists Monaco went without a defeat in a torrid competition for them and Leipzig made the Europa League.

Group H

  1. Tottenham-16
  2. Real Madrid-13
  3. Borussia Dortmund-2
  4. APOEL Nicosia-2

Another shock happened in the final group, as Tottenham defeated Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund to pass the ‘Group of Death’ with flying colours. Real Madrid also did quite well to get 13 points and were only beaten by the Lilywhites. That cannot be said for Dortmund, as they picked up only two points and only just scraped into the Europa League on goal difference. APOEL did well to get any points against three quality sides.

Top Goalscorers

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo- 9(60 minutes per goal)
  2. Harry Kane- 6(70 minutes per goal)
  3. Wissam Ben Yedder- 6(81 minutes per goal)
  4. Roberto Firmino- 6(83 minutes per goal)
  5. Edinson Cavani- 6(87 minutes per goal)
  6. Neymar- 6(90 minutes per goal)
  7. Philippe Coutinho- 5(69 minutes per goal)
  8. Vincent Aboubakar- 5(83 minutes per goal)
  9. Mohamed Salah- 5(97 minutes per goal)
  10. Raheem Sterling- 4(79 minutes per goal)

Round of 16 Draw Possibilities

Here are the teams that have qualified from each group. Teams from the same group can not draw each other in the next round, nor can teams from the same country. Each match in the next round has one group winner and one runner up, where the group winner will play at home in the second leg. Here are the teams qualified from each group, with the first place teams first.

  • Manchester United. Basel
  • Paris Saint-Germain. Bayern Munich
  • Roma Chelsea
  • Barcelona Juventus
  • Liverpool Sevilla
  • Manchester City Shakhtar Donetsk
  • Besiktas Porto
  • Tottenham. Real Madrid

Here are the possibilities of all of the English teams for the round of 16 with bold teams being hard and normal being easier:

  • Man United- Bayern Munich, Juventus, Sevilla, Shakhtar Donetsk, Porto, Real Madrid(50% chance of hard draw)
  • Chelsea- Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, Besiktas(66% chance of hard draw)
  • Liverpool- Basel, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Shakhtar Donetsk, Porto, Real Madrid(50% chance of hard draw)
  • Manchester City- Basel, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Sevilla, Porto, Real Madrid(50% chance of hard draw)
  • Tottenham- Basel, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Sevilla, Shakhtar Donetsk, Porto(33% chance of hard draw)

Thanks for reading everyone! Who do you think your team will get? Who will win the competition? Comment below! Goodbye!

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