This website is a blog about football in general, not just the Premier League or the FA Cup, so it will update you on everything you need to know about the season and about transfers, news and such like. If you read laurieeuro2016 during the Euros then you will remember what I am all about, but if not then you will soon find out.
The blog aims to inform you of the things that are going on in the world of football in a fun and easy way. Posts will be uploaded daily, so remember to check them out. To find my daily roundups, click on ‘daily posts’ and then click on one of the links on the dropdown menu.

As well as daily posts, under the navigation bar heading ‘latest news’ will be articles written during the day about important events like sackings, transfers and matches. The items under ‘latest news’ are all from the last three days, in order of newest first.

I have recently set up a free to join Telegraph Fantasy Football league. It is free to make a team and you can join a league with fellow footballcentred readers, including me, by making a team for the 2017/18 premier league season and then going to ‘leagues’, ‘public leagues’ and then clicking ‘join league’. The league pin is 8126593 and the passcode is 1894. I would love it if as many people as possible joined. Click here to join.

The ‘transfers’ page is a list of transfers that have a decent significance and is updated every day at about 8pm. The best way to use that is check back every night and read the ones that are at the bottom of the page. Also under the ‘transfers’ button on the menu is ‘hottest rumours’. This is a page with up-to-date transfer rumours. To check this come on it whenever you fancy, and the rumours will probably have updated.

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Thanks for reading footballcentred, and please continue to do so. Enjoy!